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ForeOptics Webinar: Preparing for Market Recovery

Seema Phull and Lynn Borek of ForeOptics talk about what to expect, how to prepare for market recovery. In this webinar on preparing for market recovery, they look at the signs of recovery, share how different industries are reacting and preparing. These are unprecedented times, and supply chain are seeing major impact.
Seema Phull and Lynn Borek are supply chain experts, rather veterans. They discuss how supply chains are prioritizing disruption mitigation over cost. How supply chains are shifting towards improving velocity.
Post COVID world looks different, and ForeOptics’ Three Stream Approach is a great way forward. Re-Start, Re-Invent, Re-Balance.

ForeOptics presented this webinar in collaboration with AZMEP – AZMEP – Arizona Manufacturing Extension Partnership, under the Arizon Commerce Authority. If you would like to connect with Seema Phull or the ForeOptics team, please email us at