From the founder of 3rd World Love

So heartbroken to see thousands of underprivileged senior women, many effected mentally due to old age and living alone. They have shortage of necessary supplies to live each day and have no access to medical help specially during this grief stricken times of Corona.  India is on a Lockdown in many cities large and small and Kerala is no exception. This city has been on lockdown for weeks and may go on for longer. This means, the seniors are unable to get help, reach to the hospitals or get vaccinated.

The ForeOptics Sangha gives me hope that we can get through this together.

— Shirely Phull

ForeOptics is supporting 3rd World Love in its efforts of putting together care packages for the poor and needy people in Kerela, India. These packages include staples like rice, lentils, basic medicines, masks, and sanitizers.

Please join the #GlobalSanghaChallenge and become of this international community that is joining hands and help those who have no one to turn to.

Work done by 3rd World Love