Bangkok Bank

The Client

Bangkok Bank currently has the largest overseas branch network of any Thai bank with 32 international branches in 15 economies, including wholly owned subsidiaries in Malaysia and China. The international branch network is concentrated in Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan; and the bank also has branches in London and New York.
Bangkok Bank has a full range of business, investment banking and personal banking services. It is one of the most active global traders of Thai baht and baht-denominated bonds. The bank trades in all major currencies as well as a large number of regional currencies. Other services include same day transactions in import and export bills, inward and outward remittances, swaps, options, and forward contracts trading in the primary and secondary markets for government bonds and corporate debentures.
  • When: Year
  • Investor: International
  • Practice: Digital
  • Value: 14% lowered operating costs

Business Challenge

Bangkok Bank was looking at the problem of rising costs associated with having a very large network of retail branches in a declining interest market. They were focused on cost reduction without the perception that the bank was in trouble based on reduction of available branches.

Actions Taken

We identified a three-pronged strategy that started with segmentation analysis of their current customer base. We were able to take the lower 1/3 of customers who required access to the branch and dealt mostly in cash transactions and shift their usage through a partnership with CP Group (Owner of 12000 convenience stores) which enabled them to shift these transactions from the branch. For the top 10 percent we expanded offerings to include insurance, Financial planning and estate management all of which generated additional fees for the bank. Finally, we implemented a mobile strategy that allowed easy access to required online documents from the BB Mobile App.


Bangkok bank was able to remove all branches that operated at a loss and increase customer access points from 400 to 12,000 and lowered operating costs by 14% while increasing profits year over year by 10.3 % (2015-2017)