The Client

eMoneyPool is an online community that connects people together to reach their short-term savings goals. Created by two brothers Francisco Cervera and Luis Cervera, eMoneyPool was accepted into SEED SPOT, a highly respected incubator in Phoenix, Arizona, that focuses on supporting social entrepreneurs making a positive impact.
Tandas have been used for hundreds of years as a structured way to access cash or save for a goal. It’s a tool that has been handed down for generations and is used by cultures around the world. eMoneyPool is a modern Tanda where anyone can join.
  • When: Year
  • Investor: International
  • Practice Digital
  • Value: 300% increase

Business Challenge

Startup organization focused on making money pools more successful and mainstream using technology to facilitate them and create a scalable platform for growth and monetization of this key concept across 150 cultures.

Actions Taken

Linked transaction and payment history to credit reporting and allowed participants to create and grow their credit score.


$15 Million in pools created with less than 1% default rate
Over 100,000 new credit worthy borrowers whose average credit score is 710