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A global diversified manufacturing and services company achieved:

17 %
Inventory reduction while increasing service levels by 8 points
44 %
Improvement in forecast accuracy from 50% to 72% in 6 months

Regional credit union created user personas and end-to-end customer journeys for credit cards and mortgage products

ForeOptics used design thinking and zero-based design concepts to reimagine the journeys and applied RPA technology to back-office process (e.g. underwriting, Mortgage Note production) to streamline mortgage loan processing times.

Global supplier of security solutions achieved:

10 pts
Improvement in customer delivery in 8 months
86 %
Reduction in order scheduling process times
72 %
Reduction in order lead times, from 11 to 3 days

ForeOptics works with many clients to enable Analytics that delivers impact across the value chain. Successes include:

10 bps
Pricing improvement
25 %
Improvement in forecast accuracy
30 %
Yield improvement in one year
30 %
Transactional cycle time reduction

Private Equity Post-Merger Integration

ForeOptics enabled multi-year EBIDTA expansion at 10-20% CAGR through footprint optimization, functional restructuring, sourcing strategies, product portfolio rationalization and process complexity reductions.

Privately held provider of electronic components and solutions achieved:

35 %
Improvement in inventory turns
40 %
Improvement in profit

High-tech and aerospace manufacturing clients used ForeOptics IMPACT process to drive operational improvement.

12 %
Increase in gross margin within 24 months
25 %
Increase in operational productivity within 6 months
13 %
Cost of poor quality, reduced from 22% within 18 months
25 %
Improvements in working capital in 12-18 months

Fortune 1000 financial institution fundamentally revamp technology delivery capabilities

ForeOptics used customized SAFe methodology, implemented front-to-back toolchain (JIRA, Bit Bucket, Jenkins, etc.), and optimized software development controls. First set of pilots brought a mortgage app with automated underwriting to the market within 20 weeks.

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