Arizona Land Consulting and ForeOptics Join Forces to Provide a One-Stop-Shop for Companies Looking to Expand Operations in Arizona

Arizona Land Consulting and ForeOptics Join Forces to Provide a One-Stop-Shop for Companies Looking to Expand Operations in Arizona

Two of Arizona’s Leading Women-Led Companies Create ForeSite to Make It Easy for Global Businesses to Establish Successful Local Operations

Arizona Land Consulting and ForeOptics, two successfully independent and female-owned companies, have joined forces to create ForeSite, a new turnkey solution that combines real estate selection with full-service operations and supply chain management for companies that are expanding operations in or moving to Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area.


Due to unique and vast land opportunities, low taxes and a reasonable cost of living, it’s been reported that nearly 300 U.S. and national companies are currently looking to expand their operations or relocate to the state, and that number is expected to grow. Establishing a new facility can be a complex and daunting task, as a business typically needs to identify suitable land, optimal infrastructure and have access to a talented workforce as well as go through the zoning and entitlement process, identify a land developer, establish operational processes and systems, and select the necessary equipment.


Anita Verma-Lallian, founder of Arizona Land Consulting and Seema Phull, CEO of ForeOptics, have both been successfully providing these services independently and have now teamed up to provide a seamless solution between land acquisition and operationally standing up an organization.


“We both have a passion for economic development and growth, and we are thrilled to be able to bring our unique skill sets together to offer this important service to the hundreds of businesses flocking to Arizona,” said Phull. “We will use our resources and our suppliers to expedite and streamline the process for these companies, and to help make a positive impact on our great state.”


The new partnership offers clients a unique and immense level of guidance and support, from evaluating Arizona’s market for the organization’s expansion or relocation to scaling the organization’s operations and hiring. A ForeSite solution includes real estate selection, full-service operations and supply chain management capabilities, such as optimized factory and distribution layout, streamlined processes and systems and establishment of a talented workforce.


“The Arizona real estate and job market is absolutely nuts right now – there is so much happening,” said Verma-Lallian. “There is lots of development and everyone is backlogged and short-staffed. We have the connections, the insights and the know-how to help companies who want to establish operations in Arizona get the right deal done quickly.”


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