Every company has data, lots of data. Turning that data into valuable insights can accelerate and improve business decisions, leading companies to invest in developing analytics capabilities. Analytics is a broad term and often used to describe technology-oriented solutions. Technology is the right starting point, however, in order to move organizations from data insights to business impact, process and people must also be addressed. ForeOptics implements integrated solutions that include all three elements, creating transparency and accountability throughout the value chain.

At ForeOptics we help our clients develop their Analytics strategy and roadmap based on their most important business challenges and the value that they create for them. Analytics is the enabler for superior performance.

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

The purpose of developing an analytics strategy and roadmap is to help our clients understand how analytics can be used to improve cross-functional business performance. We work with our clients to develop a prioritized list of analytics and initiatives that address the business challenge.

Analytics Enablement

Our holistic approach includes people, process, and technology, and enables you to maximize ROI on your analytics investment. We work with your team to ensure the business challenge and its value is truly understood. ForeOptics uses agile methodology to help clients develop the best solutions for their organization.

Analytics Impact Projects

Our analytics provide value throughout the entire business network, including customers and suppliers. Advanced analytics will impact key performance metrics such as forecast accuracy, customer delivery performance, process cycle time, and working capital.

From Insights to Impact

Our clients have experienced significant results from their analytics deployments including improved working capital, increased revenue, better operational efficiency, improved yield rates, and increased asset utilization.
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