Data ingestion solutions for human resources firms

What is data ingestion?

Our staffing solutions impact your organization’s entire sales funnel by automating back office tasks and optimizing existing processes to decrease operational costs.

Your current challenges may include:

Expensive payroll
Costly benefits coverage for employees
High turnover
Difficulty finding skilled workers
Inefficient processes

Data ingestion offers customized solutions

Investigate: We learn about your company’s staffing and operations by delving into your current processes. Here we can assess how your operations are financially impacting your business and where missed opportunities can be leveraged.

Implementation: We develop customized solutions to impact your workflow and assign a team to implement more efficient processes and reporting at a flat fee.

Data ingestion impacts

Payroll savings

Data ingestion implementation has allowed our clients to experience annual payroll savings of up to $50,000 per employee.

Minimizing time and revenue leakage

We discover time and revenue leakage with existing processes and remedy it with efficient solutions to facilitate cost effective operations.

No hidden fees

We charge a flat fee every month, enabling your business to thrive financially.

Data ingestion in action

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