Data Ingestion Solutions for Insurance Agencies

What is data ingestion?

Our staffing solutions impact your organization’s entire sales funnel by automating back office tasks and optimizing existing processes to decrease operational costs.

Your current challenges may include:

Millions of dollars in backlogs
Waiting on claims for 15+ days
Inaccurate reporting
Expensive labor and turnover costs
Struggle to hire top talent

Data ingestion offers customized solutions

Investigate: We learn about your company’s operations by delving into your current processes for provider claims, operational reporting, eligibility tasks and invoicing. Here we can assess how your operations are financially impacting your business and where missed opportunities can be implemented.

Implementation: We develop customized solutions to impact your workflow in these areas and assign a team to implement more efficient processes and reporting at a fraction of the cost.

Data ingestion impacts

Remove backlog

DI recovers your revenue by reducing the waiting period for claim returns.

Enhance reporting

A customized Zero Report provides insights into pending work, visit counts and no shows, enabling our team to leverage missed opportunities in 24 hours.

Reduce verification time

Reduce the eligibility verification turnaround time for pharmacy and laboratory partners; accelerate prepaid claims; and process adds, changes or drops within 24 hours.

Efficient invoicing

Cash flow is optimized with accurate invoicing and rigorous follow up for on time payments.

Data ingestion in action

Our company suffered from a claims backlog of $8.4 million. Our data ingestion team cleared out backlog in two months and reduced our payroll from $525K per year to $60K per year.

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