Organizations are creating new, sustainable, competitive advantages through digital transformation. Digital transformation empowers innovation and new operating models enabled by technology.
Digital has three core concepts: New ways of delivering technology (e.g. Agile principles), End-to-end Journey Re-imagination, and Automation. We work with our clients to define and execute digital strategies and build sustainable capabilities via Centers of Excellence (CoE), secondments in key positions, and tailored training to fit with clients' culture and environment.

Impactful Agile CoE

We recongize that every client uses Agile methodology / process differently based on their culture, industry, and technology environment. We partner with clients to deliver an impactful Agile CoE through:
-Customer Centricity - We train our Agile Coaches in each client's Agile methodology before joining so that they can quickly deliver impact
-Quality of Delivery - Our Practice Leaders work with the client and Agile Coaches to ensure impact
-Capability Building- We offer secondment options for key positions (e.g. Head of CoE, Head Agile Coach), and we offer contract to permanent employee transition if desired by client

User-Centric Journey Reimagination

One of the key enablers to being a digital business is the ability to fundamentally rethink how business activities and processes are executed. Many organizations confuse journey reimagination with business process re-engineering. It is critical to note the major differences - BPR aims to redesign a specific process to address pain points, where reimagination fundamentally rethinks how the business activity should be done with an end-user lens.

Automation Integration

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and advanced AI-based cognitive agents are reshaping industries. Regardless of the type and level of automation, it needs to integrate with your enterprise processes and organizational structures. Reward and compensation systems need to be re-addressed as part of your automation strategy.

From Insights to Impact

ForeOptics helps clients experience Agile principles in play. We led a cross-functional and empowered 'Product Team' including IT, Product Management, Supply Chain, and Finance through cycles of learning to address issues with profit leakage. This team identified a product portfolio 'tail' that was causing profit leakage and was a high contributor of waste in the process. By using a customer-centric journey re-imagination approach, the team identified process and technology breakdowns and prepared mitigation action plans that not only eliminated waste but also created value for the customer through shorter cycle time and improved quality of information.