Mergers and Acquisitions

Understanding the value of a prospective transaction is critical for mergers and acquisitions teams. In addition to financial and commercial synergies, we believe having a keen insight into the operations of a business is critical to unlocking hidden value.
ForeOptics partners with private equity firms by providing a deep dive approach to operational due diligence. We deliver a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative assessment of the opportunities as well as estimated savings value associated with various improvement plans. Post merger, we partner with the company to deliver the transformation via integration support as well as interim leadership methods.

Operations Due Diligence

ForeOptics partners with private equity firms to conduct a thorough assessment of a prospect’s operations during the due diligence stage. Our comprehensive quantitative and qualitative assessment provides estimated savings that create value as well as costs required to realize that value. Post-merger, we provide integration services that deliver transformation value.

Post Merger Integration

Once the deal is closed, quick and effective integration is the key to achieving desired results. We form agile and empowered teams that focus on delivering short-term results as well as long-term systemic improvements. We address the needs of the targeted state in terms of process, systems, data, and organizational alignment. We implement an operating model that sustains transformation results.

Leadership Capability

During transitional times, it is critical to have the right leadership in place. This is often
one of the highest risks identified during the due diligence phase. Based on the needs of the organization, we help our clients by providing leadership coaching and training, hiring a new leadership team, or providing interim leadership support.

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