Private Equity

Operational health of a prospective transaction is a leading indicator to the value of a deal. ForeOptics works with private equity clients to provide operational expertise through the life of a transaction including due diligence, post-merger integration, and leadership development.

Operational improvements to product mix, supply chain, manufacturing, and culture can lead to significant value expansion. Therefore, having a deep dive into operations during due diligence provides investors with knowledge of costs and savings that can be harnessed thus leading to a more balanced valuation of the potential transaction.

As part of due diligence, ForeOptics provides a comprehensive roadmap with specific transformation focus areas that will yield best value including:

Optimization of product portfolio
Improvements in sourcing
Optimization of manufacturing footprint
Effectiveness of operating model
Integration of talent and performance management

We work with our private equity clients to provide post-merger integration services and interim leadership. Our integration approach is agile and collaborative. We work alongside client teams to translate best practices into practical solutions that drive fast adaption. Our interim leadership guides the initial stages of transformation to help build confidence and capabilities in the organization. Our model provides continuous training and coaching to progress clients from transformation to a culture of continuous improvement. 

With a roadmap in place, we can help guide the change needed to grow value.

Some clients elect for us to train their teams on the transformation, in addition to continued support on strategy and journey reimagination. By partnering up with our clients throughout the life of the transaction, we deliver transformation that creates value for the investor.

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Here's how we drive insights to impact:

The right operations strategy can grow your top and bottom line.
The right analytics strategy can propel your performance and organization.
The right digital approach enables customer centricity and innovation.
The right culture sustains transformation results.
The right partner unleashes the value of an operation.